How do Men Deal with Stress

Both men and women handle emotions differently, but when it comes to stress both genders deal with it similarly. In general, women handle stress better than men because they deal with their stress. Men, on the other hand, try to ignore it rather than dealing with it. There are many reasons for men to feel stressed, particularly if they are married and have children.

Many married men feel societal pressure to provide for themselves and their family. Even when a married man is in a two-income family, they still feel the stress of having to be a bread-winner. There are many reasons why men feel stress, including:

  • Striving to excel at work
  • Conflicts at home
  • Being unemployed
  • Health problems
  • Divorce
  • Financial problems

When men ignore their stress, they begin to suffer from physical and mental ailments. They may experience back, neck or shoulder pain, stomach aches ,lack of sleep, and loss of appetite. Too much stress and pressure can take a toll on a man’s health, eventually leading to more serious health problems, like cardiac issues. Some men even take to abusing drugs or alcohol to deal with their stress. Many options are available to deal with stress, including therapy, which can help men overcome their stressful situations and begin to lead a healthy life.

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