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What is Prostatitis


Prostrate is a gland that helps make semen a fluid that contains sperm.It is around the urethra the tube that carries urine from the bladder out through the penis.The three main prostrate problems are:


: It means that the prostrate may be irritated.It often causes pain for men who are younger than 50 years.Prostatis can come suddenly or may be a chronic problem that keeps coming on and off.An infestation can cause problems like fever, pain and burning while urinating or during ejaculation, strong and frequent urge to urinate but is able to pass on small amount of urine, lower back pain, blood in the urine.Chronic prostrate is the most common problem and it is also known as “Chronic prostrate pain syndrome” and this cannot be cured but treatments helps many men to manage the symptoms.

Prostate enlargement: It is for those men who are above 50 years.It is also called “benign prostatic hyperplasia”. As the prostrate grows it compresses the urethra causing urinary problems.The most common problems are a weak stream of urine, leaking or dribbling urine, a strong urge to urinate when you have just finished, small amount of blood while urinating.

Prostate Cancer:

Prostrate cancer differs from one man to another.The exact cause is still not known and no one can tell why one man suffers from and not the other.Risk factor may develop or increase this disease.Below are the factors for this disease:

  • Age: Men who are below 50 years of age or below
  • Family history: anyone in the family like brother, father or son who had prostrate cancer
  • Race: being African American
  • Diet: eating food that is high in animal fat may increase the risk.

Treatment for prostrate cancer is best who diagnosed early.Doctors opinion varies to know if all men need to go through a routine of prostrate cancer screening but early screening it makes it easy to detect and treat the cancer.Some prostrate cancers grows very slowly and is not life threatening and the treatment sometimes increases the quality of life.

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