HPV Virus and Men

HPV also know as (human papillomavirus) in men and can cause a lot of health problems.One should know how to reduce the risk in such cases.HPV can cause genital cancer in men but this is not a common virus in men as compared to women. A lot of men who are sexually active face HPV in some time in their life.

Risk Factors of HPV Infection

Genital cancer leads to the cancer of the penis or anus in men.Such type of cancer can be rare in men who have a good immune system.
Anal cancer is 17 times higher in sexually active and bisexual male than with men who have sex with only one woman.Men who have HIV also suffer from the risk of getting this cancer.The other type of HPV virus doesn’t cause cancer but can cause genital wats in men.

Symptom of HPV in Men

High risk HPV can cause rare symptoms of cancer in men or in women.In men genital wats is the first symptom that can cause wats but not cancer.

Test & Treatment for HPV Infection

The doctor diagnose by visually checking the genital area of men to see if wats are present.Vinegar solution is applied to identify wats which are not generally visible.This test is not fool-proof and the test is not a routine check up for HPV cancer but for gays and bisexual men some of the doctors urge a test called the anal Pap tests to check for anal cancer caused by HPV.In this test the doctor collects from the anus and checks for any abnormalities.
When it comes to treatment, there is no treatment and the doctor treat the health problems that are caused by HPV virus.

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