Psychological Problems in Men

Psychological problems arises when a person doesn’t have control of a specific situation.This lack of control leads to wrong thoughts and action such as sexual abuse problems, and sexual disorders.There are other psychological disorders that develop due to lack of control of the situation.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

: In this situation a person gets aggressive and violent which results in destruction of property or physical abuse on others.This happens because a person might have been a victim of physical abuse or a domestic violence in the past.An individual usually a man does not take responsibility for their loss of control and blames the victim , other circumstances in their life or blame someone else for them to lose anger.This kind of uncontrollable anger is a main problem and such people failure to accept it leads to a feeling of guilt.In such cases it is hard for an individual to change.

Domestic Violence

: In domestic violence a person loses his temper with his close personal relatives.This is a form of intermittent explosive disorder.Such kind of people are calm outside but get violent outside.Domestic violence occurs especially when an individual consumes alcohol.A person chooses to get intoxicated and because of this he is not able to confront to others.When he is intoxicated it removes any social barriers which acts like an excuse for loss of control.
Another factor that influences the domestic violence is the social behaviour.A man would want his wife to behave in a certain manner, think in a certain way or respond in a certain way to suit his expectations.This kind of an expectation is irrational and may lead to an emotional tensions in a relationship.
Being rejected is a major component of this problem and men suffering from this problem rarely receive any psychological help.Treatments like self-control techniques, stress management are few tips to control anger.

Pathological Gambling

: This different from recreational gambling and the impact it has on the life of the person by the lack of control rather than the loss of money by gambling.Men with this problem cannot control themselves and this brings a rift in their personal and professional life.Gambling takes a toll on their life to the extend of leading a person into bankruptcy and other criminal activities to cover the loss of finances.Men may gamble to relieve themselves from depression.Psychotherapy can be helpful to take care of such a depression.

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