Cardiovascular Disease in Men

Cardiovascular disease means, disease relating to the heart. It is the main reason of death in both the genders. Cardiovascular disease is just one type of disease but there are a lot of conditions effecting the heart and its functions.

Coronary artery disease:

In this type of disease the arteries that provide oxygen and nutrients to the heart becomes hard and stiff.

Abnormal heart rhythms:

A normal heart beats in a rhythm say about 60 to 100 times in minute but sometimes it becomes irregular which becomes very abnormal.This type of heart beat is called arrhythmia.An arrhythmia can have a change in the beat that produces an uneven heartbeat which can be slow or fast i.e not in a rhythm.

Heart failure:

Heart failure mean that the heart doesn’t pump well as much as it is supposed to and this leads in a heart failure.People who are above the of age 65 are more prone to heart failures each year.

Heart Valve disease:

Our heart has four chambers and the valve is at the end of each of these chambers. This maintains the blood flow in one direction through the heart.

Enlargement of Heart:

Enlargement of heart is also know as Cardiomyopathy and it is the disease of the heart muscle.People who suffer from this problem have an enlarged heart,thick or stiffened. Therefore this effects the hearts ability to pump blood. If this is not treated on time a persons condition worsens leading to the disfunction and failure of the heart.
The consumption of coffee or caffeine adds to the risk of having heart disease. In the year 1986 men between the age of 45-75 years had no history of cardiomyopathy disease but since the past two years according to the observations men have got frequent strokes and have died of coronary heart disease. The intake of fats and high cholesterol has also added to this disease.

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