Mens health and Mortality

There is a difference in the mortality rate between men and women. Women live longer than men but when it comes to health conditions men are more stronger and healthier than women. Many women are more prone to diseases and other health problems during their lifetime. There is a higher risk factor for women between the age of 75-84 as compared to men.

Statistics reveal that most men end up having a premature death. Men’s life expectancy is seven years shorter than women.

Men are leading in health problems like:

  • Smoking
  • Drunken driving>
  • Victims of crime
  • >Drinking
  • Dangerous sports
  • Dangerous jobs

Physical Health –

Men have a higher risk in their lifestyle and are more experimental. Even today men are strong willed and a lot of women still depend on them. Unlike women, men are not supposed to be emotional, caring and nurturing instead they are expected have humour, sexual feelings and anger.
Men still think that if they are not strong i.e, physically and mentally women would not look up to them and to keep up to their physic they are supposed to have a healthy and balanced diet which includes beef, chicken, eggs and milk.

Many men do not really know about their body so that the life expectancy is longer. It is difficult to change the male opinion and becomes difficult as they grow older.

Mental Health –

Even today many men feel isolated and lonely. Single men still need a partner but they think that it is not being very masculine to express their emotions and this leaves a bad impact on their mind which may lead to habits like gambling, drinking, drugs and getting addicted to sex to over come this loneliness. They find it hard to talk about it while few men may let go of this feeling and would want to express it. This kind of mind set may lead them to having physical and mental health issues.
In order to have a long and healthy life we should encourage men to over comes their habits and become more extrovert with their emotions. The more a man is expressive the better it for him and others.

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