Osteoporosis in Men

What causes Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease that is caused by the skeleton to weaken and bones to break. In such cases bones become very brittle. After men cross the age of 50 more than 6% experience hip fracture and 5% of them have vertebral fracture as a result of osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is termed as a “silent disease” because unless a person gets a fracture one doesn’t know about it. Even now more information is needed to know more about this disease in men.

In osteoporosis the bone constantly changes therefore when a person is young there is more bone produced than removed so the skeleton grows both in size and strength. For most people the bone weight is more than the mass weight. During the last stage in life men accumulate more bone mass as compared to women therefore as a result the bone in the skeleton starts to decline and the old bone is replaced by new bone.
At the age of 50, men experience less bone mass than women when they reach their stage of menopause but by 65-70 both the genders lose bone mass. The most essential nutrient which is calcium becomes very less in both men and women and since the bone gets weak they are more prone to fractures. The most common areas of fracture resulted from osteoporosis is hip,wrist and spine.
Osteoporosis has 2 stages:

Primary Cause

: In primary stage it is caused by age related bone loss.The term idiopathic osteoporosis is for men who are below the age of 70 and men who are older.This happens when a person grows old and the bone becomes very weak.

Secondary Cause:

Most men with osteoporosis have at least one secondary cause.In secondary osteporosis it is caused by diseases or medication.The most common osteoporosis in men is caused by glucocorticoid medications, hypogonadism which means low levels of testosterone, smoking, alcohol, gastrointestinal disease, hypercalciuria, and immobilisation when a person takes prolonged bed rest.

Treatment and Prevention for Osteoporosis:

Once a person is suffering from osteoporosis the treatment includes a good diet of nutritional food, exercise and ways to prevent bone loss.If the bone loss is due to glucocorticoid, the doctor prescribes a medication to prevent it or suggests the minimum dose.The intake of calcium and vitamin D supplements and regular physical exercise helps to keep the body active.

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