Safety and Risk Taking

These days we do not find very cautious and safe drivers. Especially in the nights many drivers are stopped for a blood Alcohol Test. Drunken driving is very common among youngsters. A lot of individuals are ready to take risk in their day to day life.

Many people have a kind of inner frustration and vent it out by taking a risk while they are more cautious and play safe in other aspects. The Galvanic Skin Responses (GSR) is generally used by researches to observe drivers.It was observed that drivers reacted to traffic lights, vehicles coming from front, curves and their reactions. According to the observation many hazards drivers had a high risk rate but otherwise they were quite normal calm. Many people value their life and future and prefer not to take risks while driving whereas others think if they don’t take risk in life they are not moving ahead.

Smoking is again a very common factor. People who smoke know that it is injurious to health but still take the risk and cannot quite it easily.
Risk taking is not confined only to drivers but also to people in business and other aspects of life. Business is all about risk taking. There are a lot of ups and downs in it but it all depends on an individual if he can cope with it. Some people are very adventures by nature and would not really mind taking risk whereas others would prefer to take a calculated risk. Gambling is another factor where men don’t mind taking a risk. Its mostly about losing your money but people who are addicted to it do not really bother.

When it comes to having sex men are very reckless.They might not take precautions and end up suffering from disease which could be life threatening.
Therefore it is said that men when compared to women take more risk when it comes to their personal or professional life.

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