Summer Skin Care for Men

During summers skin becomes very oily and as there is a lot of humidity in the air it effects the skin.As compared to women,men have 20% more oily skin and larger pores therefore men need to take care of their skin.
Earlier men were under the impression that they do not need to take care of their skin and this is applicable to only women but today things have changed.We see more of men taking care of their skin rather than women.
There are a few tips that men should know which can help them keep their skin clean and healthy especially during summers.The following are the few steps to start with:


Wash your face with everyday with a good face should try and use products that are natural and have less of chemicals.Avoid usig soap on the face as it generally contains harsh chemicals that clog the pores and leave the skin rough,dull and dry.

Ex foliate:

Use a good face scrub that removes the dead skin and leaves the skin smooth.Jojoba is a good scrub that keeps the skin smooth.As a result the skin becomes soft,smooth and brings a glow to the face.

Tone Up:

Generally men spend a lot of time out-door due to which their skin gets exposed to pollution,dust and smoke.Toning keeps the skin firm and clean.As we age the skin becomes loose and starts to sag.This results in wrinkles on the face.Toners and Astringents with a combination of glycolic acid or hydrolyc acid works best for the skin and reduces the size of the pores which prevents the clogging.


Moisturisers are the best after cleaning or shaving.It doesn’t leave the face dry and oily.It is necessary to hydrate the skin especially areas under the eyes as this is the first place to show signs of aging.Try using eye gels with Vitamin E or Chamomile that take care of the sensitive areas under the eyes.


Protect your skin from exposure from sun.As 90% of premature aging is caused by overexposure to the sun.Being careless about skin leads to wrinkles and skin cancer.More than one million in the US are diagnosed with skin cancer every year and the most common reason is by being exposed to the sun

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