Aries Male Personality Traits (20th March-20th April)

Have you met a man who is full of surprises, excitement and passion for life? Chances are that he is an Aries Man.The most remarkable trait in an Aries man is his energy.He is bubbling with new ideas and creative energy. Aries man is a natural rebel, going against the tide.He likes to be direct in his approach be it love or business. He will seldom beat about the bush.He is extremely independent and doesn’t like to be bossed around.He will always remain young at heart.He is compassionate and generous to the needy.He is confident of himself.He is extrovert and assertive.In many ways he resembles a child.

Now comes the less attractive part of his personality. An Arian can be very impulsive and might regret it later. He is extremely impatient.Sometimes Aries man can become self-centred.He tends to be moody and can turn from passionate lover to icicle with a snap of a finger.He can’t tolerate rude behaviour which hurts his ego.Volatile by nature, Arien is short tempered.Sometimes he becomes too controlling and demanding.He can sulk if he doesn’t get what he wants,just like a kid.

Aries Man As A Husband / Lover – Aries Male Personality

Aries man is a very passionate lover. He’ll fall in love with the optimism that it’ll last forever. Heart breaks don’t stop him from falling in love again. He will be dedicated and loyal in his romantic relationships. If he is genuinely in love, he will make his woman feel special with all the romantic gestures. As a husband, an Aries man will support his wife’s career, provided she doesn’t outshine him. He will take all the important decisions at home. He will be the man of the house.One thing which he can’t stand is a nagging wife.

Aries Man As A Father – Aries Male Personality

He will be a warm and doting dad.He’ll enjoy being strong, protective father to his kids.He will go camping, play baseball and have father-daughter dinners.However, he might become a little too bossy with them and start dictating his terms on them.

Famous Aries Men

Alec Baldwin – April 3, 1958
David Letterman – April 12, 1947
Eddie Murphy – April 3, 1961
Eric Clapton – March 30, 1945
Heath Ladger – April 4, 1979
Jackie Chan – April 7, 1954
Marlon Brando – April 3, 1924
Robert Downey Jr. – April 4, 1965
Russell Crowe – April 7, 1964
Warren Beatty – March 30, 1937

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  1. Astrology sometimes do work and it can also predict the personality of a person.`”`

  2. my sister do believe very much in astrology. maybe the stars might have something to do with our futures:,*

  3. Very interesting!

  4. i read a lot of atrology stuffs on the internet because i believe so much in astrology,-.

  5. well, i do believe in astrology and horoscope is the first part of the magazine that i always check -‘,

  6. rb said on May 1, 2011

    astrology is fundamentally a faulty science.. infact, its not a science at all !!

    had it been so, all those born with alec baldwin n marlon brando n jackie chan wudve had the same course of life with the same ups n downs n good n bads.. coz astro works on date n time of birth.. bt does it happen that way ????

    astrology, at max, can predict the traits n natures of an individual.. bt predictions n precautions.. bullshit ! astro chart is constant @ birth time for alec baldwin + 1000000 other tom dick harrys.. so how come the toms didnt make it big ?? if its their fate then their ASTRO CHART shudve done it for them.. rite ?

    trust me guys, the only thg thts correct is palmistry.. if u dissect palmistry, its ur gene tht controls evrythg on this earth.. palms change, the lines break, grow, strengthen, weaken.. its changing, hence its so accurate.. n soooo damn difficult to learn.. whether ul hve diabetes or whethr ul hve the dribbling skills of Messi or whther ul be gay or lesbian or whther ul be Steve Jobs.. astrology hs NOTHING to do with it.. its ur gene aka ur hand aka ur reflections of brain tht does it all..

    think logically befr u start believing things..

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