Leo Male Personality – What is the Personality of a Leo Man?

Have you heard of the phrase “proud as a peacock”? Well, it was coined for a Leo male. He is a proud lion. A Leo man is warm hearted and loving when he is respected. He is a gregarious person and loves to socialize. He loves to be in love. He thrives on romance.

Leo male can come very handy as he is good at fixing things. He can repair anything from bathroom faucets to broken furniture. Chances are he will be the life of any party, lapping up all the attention. He craves for higher social status and very often reaches there. He takes care of his looks and lifestyle. A Leo male is flamboyant and full of energy. He is a bundle of optimism and gaiety. Everyone is attracted to Leo’s sunny disposition. He is not a malicious person. In fact, Leo man is very simple at heart.

He devours attention and flattery. He can roar in wounded pride if he is not respected. He is usually careless with money and tends to splurge. He can become arrogant at times. He wants to control the lives of people around him. He doesn’t like to take orders rather he gives them. He can be bossy and over bearing. He is impatient and short tempered.

Leo Men in Love / Husband – Leo Male Personality

A Leo man is a true blue romantic. He will shower his girl with the most expensive gifts and the softest sentiments. He will take her to the best restaurants in town and treat her royally. He can get involved in a light, harmless flirtations but they won’t be serious. After all, he loves attention of the opposite sex. As a husband, he won’t like his woman to work. He will demand her complete attention and love. He will be overly possessive. She belongs to him completely. Her world should revolve around him. He will be a cuddly, playful kitten if he is loved, respected and obeyed. But turn into a wounded fiery lion if insulted, ignored or disobeyed. You will be the most loved queen to this wonderful king. Does that not make you feel special?

Leo Man As A Father – Leo Male Personality

A Leo man is a fun dad. He will teach the kids to be prim and proper. The kids will be showered with affection, warmth and tender love. He will demand them to respect and obey him. Though Leos make great fathers, they seldom raise big families. He will tend to give in to their flattery.

Famous Leo Men

Barack Obama – August 4, 1961
Bill Clinton – August 19, 1946
Benito Mussolini – July 29, 1883
Mick Jagger – July 26, 1943
Yves Saint Laurent – August 1, 1936
Robert De Niro – August 17, 1943
Arnold Schwarzenegger – July 30, 1947
Dustin Hoffman – August 8, 1937
Henry Ford – July 30, 1863
NapolĂ©on Bonaparte – August 15, 1769

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