Personality of Virgo Male – What are the Personality Traits of a Virgo?

Whoever said quality over quantity was probably referring to a Virgo male. This man craves for quality in personal and professional life. He will be one of the most practical persons you have ever met. He finds sentimentality a waste of time. He possesses a sharp intellect and is attracted to intelligent people. He loves books and respects knowledge.

What are the Personality Traits of a Virgo?

He can be kind and thoughtful when he wants. He has a sharp memory and won’t forget special dates or significant details. He is dedicated to his family and friends. He will be the first one to help them. Self -discipline is his middle name. Perfection is in his blood. He usually sets high standards for himself and others. He can be quite modest about his achievements. Vulgarity of any sorts puts him off. He is an idealist.

He can be aloof and detached from the world. He is not much of a sentimental fool. He is overtly critical and can be too demanding at times. He hates ignorance and stupid behaviour. He can be obssessive about cleanliness which might be annoying. He has an analytical sense. He hates ignorance and stupid behavior.

Virgo Man As A Lover / Husband – Personality of Virgo Male

Expecting a Virgo male to be romantic is like making the sun rise from the west. Not that he isn’t romantic but his way of expressing affection is quite practical. He will give his selfless devotion to his family. A Virgo male usually takes his sweet time to find his mate. His standards are very high. But once he finds her he can patiently wait for years for her or travel around the globe to win her heart. (Now, don’t you think that is romantic?) It is difficult to stir his emotions. He keeps them under wraps. He is capable of making huge sacrifices for his love. He will attend to his mate when she is mentally, physically or emotionally wounded. He will provide all the necessities to his woman and family. He will be kind, considerate and thoughtfull partner.

Virgo Man As A Father – Personality of Virgo Male

Strangely, Virgo male doesn’t require kids for emotional support. He seldom longs for fatherhood. Virgoes tend to have small families. However, if he has children he will take care of his responsibilities. He’ll teach them the importance of knowledge, ethics and values. He will discipline them and rarely spoil the kids. He might be too strict and too critical with his children. A lot of emphasis will be given to intellect and proper conduct.

Famous Virgo Men

Sean Connery – August 25, 1930
Michael Jackson – August 29, 1958
Keanu Reeves – September 2, 1964
Hugh Grant – September 9, 1960
Richard Gere – August 31, 1949
D.H Lawrence – September 11, 1885
Charlie Sheen – September 3, 1965
O.Henry – September 11, 1862
Macaulay Culkin – August 26, 1980
Jason Priestley – August 28, 1969

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