Personalities for the Libra Male

One thing that a Libra male loves is an argument. He can argue on almost any given topic. And it is difficult to win against him when he uses his libran charm. Women just melt under his Venus appeal.

Personalities for the Libra Male

A Libra male has a strong sense of right and wrong. He usually maintains balance in everything. He has strong appeal and pleasing manners. He likes to make peace, you’ll seldom find him fighting with people. He can be trustworthy. He will usually be practical in his judgments. And decisions. He loves to socialize with people he knows. His friends are always welcome to his beautiful home. He gives free advice to anyone who will listen. He is capable of some intelligent arguments. He likes finer things in life like paintings, music, theatre etc. He will have gentle manners and soft voice. He hates to hurt anyone.

He will take time to make up his mind which can be irritating. He can get judgmental about everything. He will be interested in the opposite sex till the day he dies. He will usually postpone taking decisions. He will have logical approach to everything. One moment he will be cranky and the other moment he will be friendly. This contradictions in his behavior can be confusing. He can be fickle-minded. He can get too inquisitive about the secrets.

Libra Man As A Lover / Husband – Personalities for the Libra Male

Libra man was born to love. He can’t survive without love and romance. That’s his staple diet. He will take a lot of time to enter into a serious relationship. Once he does, he will be fairly loyal to it. With his Libran magic he usually gets the girl he wants. He will indulge in harmless flirtations even after marriage. They can drag a relationship because he hates to hurt others. Heart breaks hurt him but he will start all over again. He forgives and forgets. He can patiently listen to all your desires and hopes. He will be fair in his relationships. He is generous with money. He expects a neat and clean house with beautiful fragrance.

Libra Man As A Father – Personalities for the Libra Male

He will be a fair dad. He will teach his kids the principals of justice and discipline. He will seldom get angry with them. They too will be attracted to his charm. But for him the love will always come first. He will never neglect his partner for his children.

Famous Libra Men

Cliff Richards – October 14, 1940
John Lennon – October 9, 1940
Hugh Jackman – October 12, 1968
Jimmy Carter – October 1, 1924
Mahatma Gandhi – October 2, 1869
Mario Puzo – October 15, 1920
Matt Damon – October 8, 1970
Will Smith – September 25, 1968
Alfred Nobel – October 21, 1833
Michael Douglas – September 25, 1944

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