What’s a True Pisces Personality?

Like the symbol, Pisces male is a dual personality. One personality is that of a go-getter. He will turn every opportunity into success. The other personality is that of a dreamer. He will be too preoccupied in his dreams that he won’t notice the opportunities.

A Pisces man has a lovely imagination. He is a clever person. He will usually achieve goals if he makes up his mind. A Pisces male is never judgmental. He never holds a grudge or a bias against anyone. He is a great listener. Everyone loves to pour their problems out to him. And he will listen to them patiently. He is quite intuitive. If he uses his talents and opportunities he can become an accomplished poet, writer, painter, or anything at all. He is shy as he is aware of his limitations. He will have an interest in the occult and the esoteric sciences.

What is a True Pisces Personality?

He can be too lazy to pursue his dreams at times. He will be careless about money. He tends to tell a few harmless lies. He will do this to save himself from exposing his true feelings. His words might hurt sometimes. He is a very sensitive person.

Pisces Man As a Lover/ Husband – Personality Description of a Pisces Man

If you are a true romantic, you have hit the jack pot. This man breathes romance. The problem arises when you have to plan the budget for your house. He will be too busy with his dreams that he may forget to get a job. Remember, he is very sensitive. So, don’t make fun of his dreams. It’s difficult to fool him since he can study the personality of others. He will not be jealous of anyone. He will trust his mate completely. However, he will have many female friends and that might make his spouse a little uncomfortable. He needs to be left alone now and then. He needs his space. He craves to be appreciated, loved and cared for. He is a great actor and pretends most of the time. He doesn’t want anyone to know his feelings.

Pisces Man As A Father – Pisces Male Personality

He will be a loving and doting father. He will be fun. A Pisces dad will listen to his children’s problems and provide solutions for them. He will encourage their imagination. He might spoil them by not being strict enough with them.

Famous Pisces Men

  • Jon Bon Jovi- March 2, 1962
  • Daniel Craig- March 2, 1968
  • Rupert Murdoch- March 11, 1931
  • Bruce Willis- March 19, 1955
  • Albert Einstein- March 14, 1879
  • Graham Bell- March 3, 1847
  • George Washington- February 22, 1732
  • Mikhail Gorbachev- March 2, 1931
  • Yuri Gagarin- March 9, 1934
  • Victor Hugo- February 26, 1802

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  1. wow,what a great post this is.I m a piscean nd i can see all my personalities lined b4 me like i m been decoded from inside.

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