Do Men Look Better with a Moustache?

Do men look better with a moustache? This is a topic hotly debated among women. Some believe that facial hair can improve the sex appeal of a person, as it can be seen as a sign of masculinity. On the other hand, poor facial hair maintenance can make an individual look very shabby.

Regular maintenance of a moustache or beard includes regular trimming and styling. Below are some ways to maintain a good moustache.

Keep it trimmed:
Irregular growth of a moustache can be a setback for having a neat and well-maintained moustache. Keeping the moustache trimmed can have a greater appeal to the opposite sex, and your employer too.

Oil usage:
Just as the application of oil can nourish the hair on the head, so can the application of oil onto the moustache. One can use a mild oil base on the moustache to make it look thick and dense.

Style it:
A moustache can be subjected to different styles and experiments in length. Play around with it, making sure that the moustache fits the shape of your face. Moustaches can bring a change to the looks and personality of a person. A moustache is not necessarily suitable for every person. But a well-kept moustache can add glamour, style and masculinity to a man’s personal look.

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