Are Tall Men more Attractive?

As the old adage goes, a “tall, dark and handsome” man is considered the most attractive. Looking at tall men only, are they more attractive to women?

The height of a man can certainly add to his sex appeal. But, that doesn’t mean that short men are unable to attract women.

A man’s height can add to his sex appeal, but it can’t touch his character as a person. The character and the confidence a person exudes makes the best impression when meeting new people.

Some short men feel inferior to their taller counterparts. A man must not judge himself by the limits of his height, but by the limits of his mind. Many men get their appeal from the talent or the confidence they exude.

Short or tall, here are some ways to be more attractive to women:

Personality is key:
A personality doesn’t develop because of stature or looks. If you possess a pleasing personality, , you can find yourself surrounded by many people most of the time. Develop a pleasing personality, it can pull other people to you like a magnet.

Have a goal:
Men with certain goals or aspirations look focused in life. Women also find them more appealing than a guy who may not have any aspirations or goals.

Master an art:
If a person masters an art, it gives out an attraction difficult to resist.. It can boost up the confidence levels and may increase your worth to the people around you.

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