Conversation Tips for Shy Guys

Shy people may find it very difficult to express their views or even speak, especially when it comes to talking to the opposite sex. Even a smart, good looking person may fail to impress the opposite sex if he cannot strike up a conversation.

Take the Initiative
The biggest problem for shy people is that they prefer it if the other person comes to them. They rarely take the initiative to approach people. Sometimes, when nobody comes to them, they try to be happy spending time alone rather than taking the initiative to talk to people. The first step of overcoming shyness is to take the initiative. Make the first move go and introduce yourself and the rest will follow.

Another problem which shy people might encounter is nervousness. They may be scared to meet people, which might be evident in their facial expressions. One of the best ways to have a pleasant expression when meeting people is to smile. A smile can start a conversation or even attract a person to you.

Have Something Nice to Say
When starting a conversation, avoid controversial topics. Have something pleasant to say. Speak positive things. This will give a better impression of yourself. Speaking negative things may put the other person off and generate a negative vibe.

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