What attracts Men towards Women?

Most of the time in a man’s life is spent for searching the perfect match or a partner to share their life. What is the importance of women in men’s life? Why is the life of men incomplete without women?

Let’s find out the need of women in a man’s life:

For Balance:

There is a Chinese philosophy which says about the ying and the yang energies, they represent the male and the female part of the world. And it only by combining these energies that there is balance in the world. As an integral part of the universe it is necessary for the men to connect with women. It acts as a balance for their energies, emotions and desires.

Opposites attract:

Men with muscles or masculinity may find femininity irresistibly attractive. The feminine traits of women are mostly the opposite of the traits of men. And this can be the very reason that men find t6hemselves getting attracted to women.


The comfort a man finds in the arms of a woman can beat anything. Women can provide the comfort and care a man needs in his life. Men can be careless when it comes to taking care of themselves and women are needed here to provide the care and comfort for the man.


Love is the most magical thing for any person to experience in their lives. The love between two persons or soul mates has the potential to change the phase of their lives. The world may appear suddenly to be very beautiful place to live in. Women can fill the magic of love in a man’s life.

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