Men and Polygamy

Polygamy has been practised since ancient times. But does it stand fit in the modern world has to be yet explored. The practise of having more than a single wife is still happening in many places and sects. But this scenario has been changing in the modern world.

The ratio of men to women can be termed in the following way. It is estimated that for every 100 women there are 102 men available.

Some of the ill effects of polygamy can be outlined as follows:

Greater responsibility:

Maintaining a family with more than a single wife can add to lot of pressure and responsibility in a man’s life. Fulfilling the needs and desires of their wives can often lead their husbands in a state of exhaustion. The demands of the money can only be met by the ultra rich. The rest way to toil their heart out for meeting the demands.


Polygamy may lead to a single father having to take care of many children. Most of their children may miss the proper care and guidance from their father. This may lead to lot of turmoil in the family. There may be indifferences cropping up within, leading to a hard time for the father to handle the situation.

A relation or marriage cannot solely exist on the basis of sexual gratification. It is the soul or the understanding in the marriage that can give real satisfaction in a man’s life. The bonding or the attachment that happens in a marriage gives us a better security in life rather than having many relations or wives.

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