Tips for men to be better appealing to women

Women get attracted to men by certain simple and sensitive details such as a nice smile or even a bit of shyness. You never know what aspect of yours can make a girl fall in love with you.

Some of the simplest things that a guy often forgets when trying to impress a girl are as follows:

Listen Intently
Whether you believe it or not, if you are a real good listener a girl can open herself to you. Not all girls get attracted to a man based on his looks: it’s the way you treat her with respect and value that can win her heart.

Most girls really like to express their feelings, and they are in constant need of a companion who can listen to them and understand them. And if you can provide a girl with the necessary companionship you bet you can win her trust.

Appreciate and be Encouraging
Girls tend to need a supporting shoulder to lean on and a bit of encouragement, just like men do. Men who can provide a girl with the necessary appreciation and encouragement can benefit from a mutually supportive relationship.

Know Some of her Secret Joys
Most of the girls always have some secret or simple joys that they do not share with anyone. Try to pay attention to them and make them happen in their life. For example, if you work near her and notice that she likes a particular coffee drink around a certain time of day, beat her to it and surprise her with it sometime. Those simple joys can fill the heart of a woman with great pleasure and happiness. It is showing that you have paid attention that counts.

These delicate details can really create a stronger impression and make you more appealing to a woman.

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