Secrets Men should know about Women

women talking phone

Women may have a completely different side to them that men are unaware of. Sometimes they want men to explore this world and find the way into their hearts, while other times they want certain things to be kept private. There are some dark secrets that women never reveal but find immense happiness when their significant other knows about them.

Women like it when you hug them from behind
When you surprise your girl by hugging her from behind it gives her immense amount of pleasure and happiness.

Women are better in writing their feelings down in the form of messages and love it when men express their feelings for them in the same way. Surprise her by expressing your feelings in a text message or a card. She is bound to save it a long time.

Ask them for help
Most women feel important when you ask them for advice or help. Make them feel you need them not just in the bed but also in dealing with your day to day issues.

Hold their hands
Women feel very secure when you hold their hands. Women need the power of touch of a man more than a man from a woman.

Women like men sweating
Believe it or not, some women find the sweat of a man to be a turn on. The sweat of a man working out or doing some muscular work can be very alluring for a woman.

Call her
Women really like it when you give them a call to inform them of your whereabouts. Just call her up at a time when she is least expecting it, she will love it.

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