Common addictions in men

smoking cigaretteMen often get into unnecessary or unwanted habits which can pay a negative toll on them. These habits which are developed on the basis of fascination or style can become into an addiction in no time.

Some of these habits that are common in men can be described in the following way:


The most common habit of a man is smoking, smoking can sometimes be a necessity due to the whether or the climatic conditions. But, the mind can get used to the process of smoking which can become an addiction in no time.

Some of the ill effects of smoking:

  • Smoking can lead to cancer related diseases.
  • Smoking can lead to lot of breathing problems and diseases related to breathing.
  • It can cause premature wrinkles in individuals.
  • It can lower the resistance levels in individuals.

Drugs and cocaine:

The high drugs such as cocaine can give to a person is very luring but the amount of negative effects they have on health cannot be substituted. A drug overdose can even lead to the death of an individual. The things that start as fun go on to become a long time addictions.

Some of the ill effects of drugs can be outlined in the following way:

  • Drugs can cause irregular heart beats or increase the pulse rate of heart.
  • They can result in the numbness of hands or feet.
  • They can cause an individual to experience divided consciousness.
  • They might experience mood swings or even develop mental disorders.
  • They might find it troublesome to sleep in the night.
  • They might have symptoms of nervousness or irritation.

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