5 best looking men of 2010

best looking men 2010

The top 5 list of the hottest males keeps changing every year. Some of the top faces of 2010 are listed below, check out about what makes them so special.

1.Johnny Depp:

He can give any actor or for the matter of fact any model with six pack abs a run for the money. His acting skills are commendable, the tanned skin and piercing eyes can only make you want to have more of him. He emerged the winner of the poll of 2010. Three cheers for that!

2.Hugh jackman:

His physique along with the smouldering face can make a perfect combination as the hottest person alive. Hugh jackman has a perfect physique along with an intense face. These looks can be a lady killer. Woman definitely find him too hot and we are in complete agreement with that.

3.Christian Bale:

Christian bale is ranking third on the list, no doubt that there is something about him that leaves an impact on an individual. He stands as an overall combination of looks, personality and talent. There is an aura about him that makes you want to know more about Christian bale. And he is one among the hottest faces of 2010.

4.Robert Pattinson:

The movie twilight has brought him fame along with a huge female fan following. Girls from young to old are definitely finding him too hot to handle. And no doubt he is ranking in the top. The vampire movie adds an X factor to the overall personality of Robert Pattinson.

5.Robert Downey jr:

The movie Iron man has brought a great amount of fame and success to the lead actor Robert Downey jr, along with that he got his place secured in the top list of the hottest men of 2010.

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  1. i really love Twilight. this movie is super great that we watched it several times with some of my friends. .

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