Important things to be remembered on a first date

The first date and the first impression are the most important things in a relation. The first impressions are always recorded by women for a longer time, so it is necessary to be careful about your limits and manners in the first conversation or the first date you have with a girl.

Women though having a liking towards you must not feel intimidated by you. Women always open themselves up in parts, it is very difficult for a woman to be open in her very first date. Men have to respect that and give a woman her space to open up.

Some of the things that are to be remembered on a first date are:

  • Never talk about the ex

    : Although most of the men are curious to know about the ex-boyfriends their girl had, but on the first day it can lead to a disaster. Women always find it hard to talk about their ex-boyfriends specially if they have a liking for you. So please do avoid it.

  • Give her space:

    Even if a women is physically interested in you, she would not want you to know about it at least on the first date. Do not get too touchy with her on the first date, give her space to express herself comfortably. Even if you see an opportunity to get physical be polite, it may be a test.

  • Laughter is attractive:

    Women can hardly stand serious men. They like having fun and also the men who are lively and jovial to be with. Do not keep a serious face, smile often and make her comfortable.

  • Talk about pleasant things:

    Sometimes people on their first date get into unnecessary arguments or discussions. Avoid them at any cost, its only the first date so better to talk about things that are pleasant and positive, specially the things which she is interested in.

    Keep these things in your mind for making a better impression on your first date. All the best!

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  1. Hi, i appreciate your job to make us more comfortable in a relationship. I need some tips (topics)to be laughter as you said.

    Best Regards

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