How to pick up girls?

Yeah you see this gorgeous looking female next to you and you are desperate for her. You think she is the one made for you, but you do not know how to approach her.

She notices you and waits for a while, you look at each other and she slips away. How often have you been in such a situation?

I bet many a time. In case you really like a girl and are not sure about starting a conversation with her, here some tips and suggestion which can boost your confidence to ask her out.


Even a person far away can notice your smile. It is the best and the most positive expression to start a conversation. It is much easier to express each others feelings in the form of a smile.

If a girl really likes you, she will definitely smile back.

Be honest:

Girls are very clever beings they really do know what you feel about them, so stop giving them unreal compliments to make them happy. Be honest in the conversation you want to have with them. Even if you really want to compliment them, do that honestly.

Be polite:

The first meeting is not for showing your capabilities or confidence. Its all about being nice to her. Even if the girl likes you she would want you to take it slowly.

Some guys really get excited spoil the very base of their conversation. You can get the girl just be patient and polite it will pay off.

Some lines as a conversation starter:

The best and the simplest way of starting a conversation is to be direct go over there and introduce yourself.

Say Hi! Im John.

And have something nice to say about yourself. Do not go on boosting about yourself but wait for her to speak.

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