Foods that help to build better muscle

Most of the men who are interested in building their muscles must pay lot of attention to their food and diet patterns.

What is the right diet?

For building the body a whole lot of protein is essential, taking foods high of fat content can only increase the problems in building and toning the muscle. Some of the foods that are high on the protein content can be outlined in the following way:


Chicken form a good source of protein, about 4 slices of chicken can provide a person nearly 14 gms of protein. They form a good source of food supplement but though excessive intake of chicken can produce lot of heat in the body.


Three eggs can provide a person with about 19 gms of protein. Eggs are the best source for instant availability and nutrition content they provide to a person.

The egg white is the main source of protein though egg yolk is said to have a high fat content.


Milk is the most trusted and highly nutritious drink used by many people. One can mix it with a good source of protein powder vailable in the market. An average glass of milk contains about 17 gms of protein.

Whey protein:

Whey protein is used by many people for different reasons, some people use it for recovering after a major illness. Some use it to keep the daily supply of the protein intact.

It can be a good and easy source of protein, one can mix this powder in either a glass of water or milk or even a fruit juice. A 30gms scoop provides a person to about 24 gms of protein.

Greek yoghurt:

Greek yoghurt provides about 15gms of protein, it can be also used as a healthy snac. One can mix some fruits or nuts in it for a better delight.

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