Tips for having a brighter day

A good start early in the morning can push the buttons for enjoying a good day. Some people spoil their mood early in the morning which drifts into worse moods for the entire day. For jump-starting a day, one has to be careful of certain things regarding one’s mental and physical state.

Some of the essential things that are to be taken care of early in the morning can be outlined in the following way:

Clean the bowels:

The most essential thing that has to be done for having a bright day is to make sure that there is proper bowel movement, cleaning the bowels early in the morning can make us more active and free throughout the day.

In case a person is suffering from constipation or irregular movement of the bowels, take plenty of fiber rich foods. Fiber acts as the main ingredient in digestion of the food and also aids in the bowel movement.

Stand in the sunlight:

Most people barely know the benefits of standing in the early morning sun. The sun rays carry a lot of energy and vitamins which can energize the entire system of the body and the mind. Stand in the sunlight for at least 10-15 minutes. It will be more effective if you stand with your back to the sun.

Getting plenty of sunlight early in the morning improves the resistance in the body and also kills most of the viruses present in it.

Have a bath with fresh water:

Most people are accustomed top having their baths with hot water. But not many people know that hot water will make a person lazy and inactive. Try to have a bath with fresh running water, fresh tap water not only energizes the entire body but also keeps us fresh the entire day.

If it feels difficult to use tap water, one can alternate between fresh water and hot water for better comfort.

Try Laughter Therapy:

For people who do not have time to exercise, try laughter therapy. It does not require much time but has innumerable benefits. It helps in increasing the blood flow throughout the body. It helps in production of endorphins which are stress releasing hormones and also mood elevators.

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