Things Women always Notice in Men

Women observe a lot of things in men, even though they may not appear to do so. Women have highly active imaginations, and they are prone to exercise their imaginations every time they see a hot stud.

Women check out men more than men check out women. They try to visualize whether you are the perfect person for them or not.

Let’s look at some of the things that women notice in a man:

Your skin tone:
The first visible thing for a woman about a man is his skin tone. Tanned skin tone is very attractive to a woman. Skin tone can say a lot about the way you are taking care of yourself.

Your eyes:
Most women have a thing about a man’s eyes. A sharp look can make a woman go weak at the knees. Women always know the eye color of the men they find attractive.

Your courage:
Women always check out whether a man is able to take care of her through thick and thin. A strong, courageous man can be a big hit with a woman. A man must always be ready to take the initiative. This quality can make a very good impression on a woman.

Your attire:
Clothes can say a lot about a man and his personality. A neatly dressed or a ruggedly dressed person can make a strong impression on a woman. Your sense of style when dressing can say a lot about your confidence and elegance.

Your Smile:
Women just love a man’s smile. From a shy smile to laughter they really love it when a man shows a smile.

These are just some of the things that women always notice in a man from the outside. Don’t forget, however, that it is the character and the personality of a man that are of real appeal to a woman in the end.

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