Physical and Mental Attributes that Attract Women

Men wonder which physical attributes will make them attractive to the opposite sex. Not only does working out help your health and self esteem, it might also turn a few heads when you go outside.

6 pack abs:
The ab region pushes the overall looks of a person about a hundred times. A six pack ab can be stunningly attractive to a female. A 6 pack ab can help a person in having a better sex appeal. There are separate sets of exercises made available for building those 6-pack abs. It is also important to eat a nutritious diet to enhance the results.

Strong forearms:
The muscles in the hands specially in the forehand region are often felt and touched by a woman. A strong forehand can give a woman a feeling of protection.

The shape of the butt:
A firmly shaped butt can make a woman hard to resist you. A firm butt can add to the overall sex appeal of a person.

Broad back:
A well shaped back region can help to carry off any clothing with élan. And the back is the region often highlighted when you go shirtless. A well shaped back is very hot. There are many shaping techniques for a perfect back such as the V- shape which is the most popular of all.

A big chest:
A well developed chest region can give a man the look of a gladiator. A well developed chest region can not only help in attracting women but also in doubling the confidence in an individual.

Chiseled biceps:
Having biceps that are tearing out of the shirt can make a woman realize how much pumping you are doing at the gym. Chiseled and muscular biceps can make you look very strong, especially to a woman.

Grow your brain too: Looks aren’t everything. Along with keeping that body fit, keep your mind fit. Keep reading and pursuing your interests. Understand the history of your country and the political situation we are in today. Think about what your opinions are on different topics. Can you support your opinions with fact or research? Do you stand up for your beliefs? Many women are very attracted to men who not only work out their body, but also work out their brain and can converse with them on many subjects.

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