How to Strike a Better Rapport with your Colleages?

The office environment today demands that one has smooth relations with his co-workers. Most of the men today have difficulty in establishing a better rapport with their fellow workers. While some people can go on bonding with people effortlessly.

Why is that some people bond so well?

Let us look into the features of people who have no problems establishing a rapport with anyone whatsoever.

Sync with people in the way they are:

Everybody has a different mindset, every person has a different frequency of mind. If you are interested in establishing a rapport with them, one has to sync the frequency of one’s mind with theirs.
Do not oppose the interests, ways and ideas of your fellow workers but instead be encouraging and supportive of them.

Listen intently:

The world today lacks real listeners, a genuine listener can attract many people towards him. Listening is not about sitting silently and nodding your head. One has to take genuine interest in the problems and the difficulties of the person.

This can help people to bond with you in a better way.

Be informative:

A person who has a lot of information to share with his fellow workers can never be devoid of friends. One has to be aware of the things that are happening around the globe, especially in the office environment a person who has a good knowledge about the market status and statistics can always project a better impression on his co-workers.

Laugh and make people laugh:

Laughter is contagious, not all people have a gifted sense of humor but humor is all about real laughter. Even if you smile from your heart you are bound to attract people towards you.

A serious person can be a big turn off in the crowd. A smiling face is always appealing and helps in establishing a better rapport with people.

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