How to maintain your car in a better condition?

It is not a hidden secret that men are fond of cars. But, maintaining cars can require a lot of effort and time on your part. There are some methods that can help you to keep the vehicle in a better condition.

Here are some of the ways for better maintenance of your car:

Keep a constant check on tyre pressure:

One of the major factors which help in the better functioning of your vehicle is the tyre pressure. Every vehicle has the required tyre pressure depending on the structure and weight of it. One has to keep a check on the tyre pressure of the vehicle every week.

Having the correct tyre pressure can not only help in the better maintenance of your vehicle but also in giving a better mileage.

Clean the break dust regularly:

Most of the unwanted stuff such as road grime, heat and moisture are collected at the wheels. The prolonged collection of these particles at the wheel base can cause an imbalance in the smooth functioning of the vehicle. One can wipe the break dust away with help of some cold water and and a damp sponge.

Cleaning the wheel base regularly to wipe the break dust off can help in the better maintenance of the vehicle.

Check the coolant level:

The engine of the car cannot do without a coolant. Sometimes due to the extreme weather conditions especially during summer the engine of the car can get heated up. One has to know where the coolant reservoir is located, it is generally a transparent bottle. Keep a check on the level of the coolant between the marking of low and high.


Does your car give a better performance with a higher octane gas? The answer is no. The so-called higher octane gas or the premium gas does not add to the mileage or to the performance of the vehicle.

Water servicing:

Getting your car water serviced once a month can help in making it look much cleaner and sophisticated. It can also help in removing the unnecessary dirt and grime that is stuck all over.

General servicing:

A car must be given for general servicing at least once in six months. This can keep your car in an excellent condition.

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