Popular places to pick up girls

Men are always in search of the hottest chicks available. But they often meet with disappointment, as these hot women never show up. What are the most popular places to get hooked up? Let us check out the places where you can meet the hottest women.

The most popular in the list in picking up girls is

Book store:

Most of these beautiful looking girls have a penchant for reading. And though it is hard to find men in a book store it can be a great opportunity in meeting hot girls. One can find it really easy to get into a conversation with a girl in a book store as girls cannot just stop talking about their favorite novels or their favorite authors.

This can be one of the best and easiest places for picking up girls.

Coffee shops:

The best of all places for girls to get together and have fun is a coffee shop. Most of the girls who are single will definitely spend a lot of time in coffee shops. And for men to hit on them, they just need an excuse.

Fragrance stores:

Get into the most popular fragrance store and you will be have enough choices to bank on. Fragrance stores can be full of hot chicks who want to look only better. Even if one is allergic to the perfumes and sprays, one cannot afford to miss this place in picking up hot girls.

Mega malls:

Malls are the most happening places where you can get hooked up. Malls contain p+-laces for hanging out, eating joints and theaters. There are plenty of girls who choose spend their weekends at the malls. Weekend can be the perfect time to visit the mall and get hooked up.

Bars and night clubs:

Yeah, this can be a hit if you are looking for one night stands. Normally the girls flocking the bars and the nightclubs are interested in one night stands.

Some of the most popular places to get hooked up are listed above. Pick your choice and get hooked up.

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