Be a better father

Most of the fathers want to the be best to their kids. As a father it is important to spend with your kids. Kids always want their parents to spend some time with them. It is very important that you spend some time with them. As a father it is your responsibility to find out the things which interests them.

We should always allow them to express their views and value them. Those parents who work in the field of business, don’t find time for their kids. Most often these people keep planned things postponing. So its very less time that you are spending with your kid. Hence it is advised to make some time for your kids and spend as they wished to.

My first preference

Most often everyone of us feel good when some one praises or appreciate our efforts. In a similar manner even kids feel happy when appreciated. So always remember to praise your kid for the right cause and the good efforts. If the child is a slow learner then don’t suppress him, instead encourage him to learn things by saying him you are my first preference than anyone else. With this your kid gains a lot of confidence and might be interested at doing things. This inspires him a lot and also helps him to aim and reach high. He might perform much well than before. This can be a lasting remark on your kids as their confidence levels are increased.

As a father is the head of the family its not just with the child, even with the family you need to spend your time. Another important thing to remember is never break up your promises. Everyone of us like to advice our kids but its only by listening to them we will know their needs.

If both the parents are working, then both of them should take equal responsibilities and share your work, especially dealing with kids activities. Because working mothers do not get time to do all the things on a particular day. So they should plan things and make some time for their kids, in order to make their children happy.

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