African American fatherhood – Father’s contribution, Efforts

The mythical matriarchal African American family was especially found to be dangers to blacks by great scholars Frazier(1939) and Du bios(1909).The most dehumanizing and damaging aspect of slavery as African American men stripped of masculinity.

During the period of 1960’s, studies show that 22% of children were born to unwed mothers. But after 1960’s,studies show that 70% of blacks were born to married couples.Among married couples, studies show that 55% are Hispanic children, 27% of African-American children, 69% Anglo children. In the year 2002, non-Hispanic children lived with single mother.

Father’s contribution

  • Father’s presence is always important and beneficial in variety of domains.
  • They help kids in various domains as they are capable and are skillful,sensitive and attentive.
  • Fathers generally makes kids emotionally strong as they are connected emotionally with kids.
  • Always praise the kids when they perform activities well.
  • It is suggested to alter the speech patterns, as kids might not be able understand the same pace of communication.
  • Fathers should take the equal responsibility as mothers.
  • Recent studies show that fathers playtime with kids is comparatively more than mothers.

African- American fathers in general spend time by mothering roles like feeding, soothing, and providing physical care and by interacting with the kids. When there are some activities which involves both father and kid, then this might have a positive impact on child development. This could be observed by high test scores, social competence and cognitive abilities.

Recent studies showed that children with absent fathers have low IQ levels, more dropout of school, and turn as least performers. In general, the intergenerational transmission is observed among African-American fathers. How does fathers role effect his fathering attitudes? People with positive experiences with their fathers feel that they are good fathers, as they had good attachment with children.

Future efforts

  • To educate young people on importance of fathers presence, as well as their involvement for the better development of children.
  • Especially with the non-residential fathers, an attempt is made to improve father-child activities.
  • To investigate the motivation and meaning of fatherhood.

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