Father smoking – Risk, Dangerous

Smoking is considered as the dangerous weapon to end someones life. Father’s smoking may cause harmful diseases like cancer to their kids.Smoking is harmful to everyone. The overall percentage of smokers is declining. There are several researchers who has proved that smoking is dangerous especially to kids.

Risk of illness

According to the recent report of oxford survey, most of the kids effected by cancer due to fathers smoking. It is advised not to smoke because the more the fathers smoke, the more are the chances of diseases. Heavy smokers increases his child’s risk of illness. Those woman who are pregnant should be aware of miscarriage.

When pregnant woman exposed to large amounts of smoke then it likely leads to miscarriage. Certain problems are elevated in children i.e they lack learning abilities, while some of them have behavior disorders. While few of them are hyperactive.

Dangerous to kids

The study of large sample gives the dangers of smoking while woman are pregnant. The major effect of smoking is child’s ability. Kids generally learn things from their parents. By recent studies children are getting exposed to cigarette smoking. As kids grow up and mature, they usually get closer to their father. Because of this, it is easier for the kids to get influenced by their father’s actions. If the father happens to be a regular smoker, there is a greater risk that the kids will take up smoking.

Recent studies say that nicotine can damage entire cell quality of brain. This eventually leads to lower IQ, increased hyperactivity and learning disabilities in the children whose parents are regular smokers. Its not just fathers sometimes mothers also smoke. This is dangerous to kids. Smoking increases conduct disorders in pregnant woman.

Studies show that most of the people start smoking when they reach adolescence. This will effect them a lot in the near future. By smoking he is not just spoiling his health but also the people surrounding him.

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