Why should men get married?

Marriage is a sacred matrimony of two souls. Of late people have lost the commitment and the honesty required in making a marriage successful. If a marriage has to work it has to be from the either side. Men alone cannot make a marriage to work neither the women.

Why has marriage lost its value?

Of late marriage has become all about sex. Two people’s married life is judged on the physical aspect of their relationship. If the woman puts on some weight her man gets turned off by her and its vice versa.

A marriage cannot be based solely on the aspect of looks. Although they have some part in it. Marriage is about going to lengths in making each other happy. And this is done by standing by each other through thick and thin.

Some of the benefits of a marriage can be outlined in the following ways:


The basic aspect of marriage is to provide security. A family can provide the highest amount of security to a person on earth.

Marriage gives you purpose:

For all those men struggling to find a purpose in life, get married. Marriage can give a sense of purpose in life. Being able to look after another individual can not only add a sense of purpose but also give you a deep satisfaction in life.

Marriage can give you a moral responsibility:

Men as young adults are not answerable to anybody. This can give them freedom in trying their hand at the immoral things at depth. But a marriage can make a person answerable to his beloved. This can cut their freedom of experimenting with immoral things.

Marriage helps you in being happier:

Marriage will certainly fill a person with happiness. Having the presence of another individual in your life will definitely add some spice and joy to your life.

Marriage gives you support:

Men are in need of great amount of support in their aspirations and dreams. Women can perfectly fit into the role of supporting their husbands especially in the time of agony or despondency. Women can give the right amount of support to a man in attaining an emotional balance.

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