Fathers role in family- Emotionally Stable

Father’s role is very important and not uni-dimensional i.e when father is not present in a family then this will have a lot of impact on children. It is important to know that involvement of fathers in a family will result many factors. These both the parents who are working are always under pressure in managing the roles played by them in the family.

Doing parental tasks and sharing the responsibilities requires certain skills. Take initiative and know all the needs of your family. Fathers at home generally do things with equal efforts similar to their work. Its not just they take care about their kids but also his wife. They should know even her requirements in order to make the family best.

Emotionally stable

Fathers are very much closer to kids hearts as they help them to be emotionally stable. Kids are given freedom to make decisions. But sometimes their decisions might be wrong. The best thing he can do as a father is to allow the child to experience even the bad situation.

Father should explain how to overcome problems and the how to find a proper solution for critical situation. This way the child becomes mentally strong by experiencing such situations. Hence father plays an important role in maintaining and keeping good relations with family members.

Recent studies show the major effects caused in absence of father. Absence of father, not only influences boys but even girls. So absence of father will effect children of both the genders.

The major effects of father absence can be listed as follows.

  • Academic performance
  • Child faces difficulty in establishing and managing intimate relationships
  • Antisocial behavior
  • Psychological development

The main focus of these studies is to find out how does a child form relationships with parents. And how does children’s ability get effected when parents get divorced.
What do you think, can be the reason in knowing the effects of absence of father. This is to recognise and help them in knowing – how father is important and role played by him in a family.
Hence father’s role in the family is very important.

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