Importance of father – Father’s role, Environment

As father carries all the responsibilities in a well mannered structure, he is considered as head of the family. The relationship between father and child is always unique and is different from the other relationships. In this world, there are many people who manage their professional career well, but they don’t find time for personal life.

Creates an environment

Kids generally feel that his calming influence creates a family environment. So kids like to spend lot of time with fathers, as they get less time to spend with kids. Fathers teach their kids how to play games as this help them to be emotionally stable. Life is also a game. So the kid remembers the game and relate the real time issues with the game.

When kids grow to certain age, generally fathers set certain limits,especially teens.Fathers encourages kids emotional and moral stability. They will help the kids to do things on time as they manage their schedule.

Fathers should not over protect the child. Sometimes children make bad decisions. As a father, the best thing he can do is, just let the child experience even the bad situation. So in the near future, if the child lands in to the same problem again then he will probably take the right steps as he has already faced that situation. So father need not worry later on even if the child has to face the same problem in other stages of life.

Generally, parents teach things to kids in a caring way, as they are sensitive. Most of us expect our parents to wish on birthdays. Even parents do expect the same from the child. But certain times parents don’t wish their kids as they are busy with their professional life.

Most of the parents try to make some time for their kids. Kids like to have surprises. So fathers give surprises for kids especially on birthdays. So it is much appreciable for such surprises.
So father is equally important to mother.

Working parents should suggest each other to share the responsibilities equally.We must always appreciate fathers for developing the emotional stability of kids. Fathers contribute a lot for the family in order to have a sweet home.

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