How to be a better husband?

Men always look to take their wife up onto the clouds and give them the world. Their intentions may be right but they often get into contradiction with their actions. Every man wants to be the best husband to his wife but what does it take to be a better husband?

Here are some of the principles every man must follow in being a better husband and having a happy married life:

The first step that takes in being a better husband is understanding. Having a right amount of understanding with your wife forms the base of your marriage. How to establish a good understanding with your wife?

Let us know more about it…


For establishing a good understanding with your wife the basic factor required is communication. Communication forms the base for having a good understanding. Men are not so expressive when it comes to opening out their feelings to a woman.

A man can be successful in establishing a good understanding by expressing his feelings constantly to his woman.

The next aspect for men to be better husbands is by taking responsibility.

Take up responsibility:

A man is supposed to be the leader of the family. Women like it when their man takes up the charge. Do not put the blame on your wife for not doing the things properly. Women always try to do things beyond limits in pleasing their men.

So take up the responsibility for all things that are not being done. Stop the blame game with your wife.


Most of the couples today are lacking value on each other. They tend to take each other for granted. The effort a woman takes in pleasing a man has to be well appreciated from time to time. Women always have a need to be appreciated this can give them the moral support for doing better.

I love you:

Women never get enough of hearing these words ever. Surprise her with a “I love you “note or a message from time to time. It can fill her with enough energy to run for life.

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