Importance of Father-son Relationship – Better understanding

Children in the age group of less than five years old are usually more drawn to their mothers over their fathers. Later on kids learn things from their fathers by imitating their dressing styles, and even the way they talk and act.

Both parents play an equal role in every child’s life. Father is considered the head of the family. The father looks after the family well and carries out all his responsibilities. As a parent, we can’t command or judge children. It is our responsibility to guide them in all various ways. At certain times, children don’t express themselves openly to their parents.

Most of the time, we find parents pressuring their kids, especially in career related issues. In most families parents decide their children’s goals too early in their lives. They do not allow their children to express their own views. So as they grow, children should express their views and goals to their parents by breaking down the communication gap.

Understanding relationships
For a better understanding of relationships, let us consider a general situation. Every one of us has played a game with parents when we were younger. Let us consider a situation where father and son are playing a game. Parents look at the child’s interest in the game and encourage them as they are playing. Encouraging children based on their interests helps the child to develop more fully.

Common mistake
But there is a common mistake parents make while playing the game. As parents do not want their child to lose the game, parents lose the game, just because they want their children to be happy. Parents look at the excitement of their child and this makes them very happy. It is advised not to do such things as children develop the same attitude even they grow older. Parents should play the game in a correct way, so that they can tell the child the reasons for winning or losing a game. After all, it’s only a game.

Parents should help children in knowing about these mistakes and in overcoming them. Parents should tell them that it’s not just in the game, but even in life there are such situations. Parents should teach them how to face and overcome each situation. So when father guides them at an earlier stage, it becomes easier for the child to face and overcome any difficult situations.

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  1. Hi. I have read some of your material and agree so far. I had a boyfriend for about three years that i still love with all my heart. however, one of the biggest things that tore us apart was the fact that he never really seemed sure of himself. he was either too silly, or very serious- never really much of anything in-between. from what i’ve been told and from personal experience his dad is a very jovial man but for the majority of my boyfriend’s life has put him down both verbally and, at times in his youth, physically as well. though his dad has seemed to mature greatly in the last few years it has left a notable wound on my boyfriend’s life. i was going through some pretty diffecult stuff myself at the time that we were together and wasn’t much support. i wanted him to be confident but couldn’t really see how flawed my behavior was and how it was just further damaging our relationship. i think it is extremely important for fathers and sons to have a healthy bond because it affects everyone else in turn. though she should always bring honor to her man, a woman doesn’t want her man leaning on her for support all the time,that’s the job of the father to his son.

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