My dad is a hero – Facts, Reconnection

The most wonderful thing in raising your son is that it allows to share the things which you never had. The type of father you become is likely influenced by the type of father you had. Because this influence is always not obvious and is important as this shows your understanding of relationship.

Facts and mistakes

Recent studies show that most of the fathers spend their time with kids on regular basis. The best way to understand kids is to spend time with them. Try to listen to them and build a strong connection with them. Studies says that children especially teens never listen when you command them. Remember the character attributes and the list of qualities that you wish for your child. Kids are efficient in learning things. Children always learn things by committing mistakes.

How to reconnect?

Sometimes even most loving parents loses temper and starts abusing their kids. No parent will enjoy by hurting their kids. Some of the parents stop talking to their children thinking that everything will be alright, if they remain silent for few days. But this may sometimes lead to a disconnection between child and parent. Here what matters is how to reconnect with your child to maintain your relationship.

Reconnection starts with parents

Reconnection always begins and should begin with parents because kids are sensitive about certain things. Its not easy to admit mistakes especially with kids. But as a father it is your responsibility to make your child learn how to admit mistakes. And how to overcome, and find solutions to certain problems. Because studies say that relationships become stronger when father forgives the child and find solutions to certain problems and reconnect.

Sometimes, kids limit their fathers, to the role models they watch them on television. Although your role models and personal experiences will influence children and depends on the type of father they become. In general children expect their fathers to fulfill all their wishes.


Although you become a hero in your child’s view, by fulfilling his wishes and by getting all the things he would like to have. This might have serious impact on the child. But as a father it is your responsibility to give the required things for your child. Researchers says you become a hero only just by satisfying his minimum requirements. Giving freedom to child and allowing him to express his ideas,views plays a very important role in knowing what the child needs. Giving excess freedom, sometimes leads to misuse of this opportunity.

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