Understanding domestic violence – Types, signs, overcome

Domestic abuse

Domestic violence is sometimes known as domestic abuse. It is generally defined as the abusive behavior by the partners. In general, domestic violence is observed in relationships such as dating and marriage. This happens when a person tries to control or dominate the other. Violence among life partners is sometimes considered as a serious problem.

Various types

There are various kinds of domestic violence like physical, mental and sexual. In general, there are some people who are unaware of domestic violence and its kinds. But there are people who have experienced and are experiencing domestic violence. This might or might not happen in ones life.

Know the warning signs

Depending upon the laws, domestic violence may or may not constitute a crime. Most of the time domestic violence occurs because of consumption of alcohol. It is very important to know for a person to understand domestic violence. It is also important to know the symptoms and even warning signs of domestic violence.

Common signs

Its better to know the difference between the different types of domestic violence. There are different signs shown in an abusive relationship. The common signs are fear of your partner, and when your partner belittles you, and discouraging.

Recognizing helps in overcoming

Domestic violence might occur within different ethnic backgrounds, ranges, economic levels. Verbal abusing is never acceptable as everyone of us deserve respect. Hence recognizing abuse plays a very important role as it helps us to overcome domestic violence.


The physical violence is considered as the most obvious danger. Many times we find people those addicted to alcohol consumption does physical abuse.

Emotional and sexual

Emotional and sexual violence can destroy ones life as the psychological consequences are severe compared to physical and mental violence. Recent studies show that women are victims of various kinds of domestic violence. These abusing might lead women to mental illness and severe violence might lead to suicidal tendencies.

Couple violence

Apart from these, there is another violence called situational couple violence. This often occurs due to conflicts that eventually leads to violence. Although this rarely occurs, but when occurred and turn out as a major problem, then it is life threatening.

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