What are the Harmful effects of Sugar in Diet?

As sweet as sugar is no more a reality for people who want to get fit. There are many myths surrounding the harmful effects of sugar. The amount of calories a single scoop of sugar can add to the body is so much that it can take about a week’s time to burn it.

It is also said that taking large amounts of sugar can increase the risk of heart diseases in men as well as women. The right age for decreasing the consumption of sugar can be early 20s, till that time, the body needs the right amount of sugar and salts for proper development .


Diabetes is turning out to be a deadly disease in the current world. Due to the excess levels of sugar in the body the normal functioning is affected. High amount of blood sugar can even cause blindness in an individual with diabetes.

There are many people for whom diabetes has proved to be fatal. One has to lower the intake of sugar or even replace it with better foods such as honey which has many health benefits added to it.

Some of the other diseases due to excess intake of sugar are:


A high amount of cholesterol can increase the chances of a cardiac arrest. The sugars taken are normally converted into the form of cholesterol, which gets stored on the walls of the arteries. These layers of sugar or fat can block the arteries and the blood flowing through them.


High amount of sugar intakle can cause excess amount of calories in the body. This causes a person to put on unnecessary amount of weight leading to obesity. Obesity is such a prevalent condition in today’s world.

By cutting the levels of sugar intake, one can deliberately decrease the amount of calories in the body which can help in maintaining the proper amount of weight.

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