How to smell the best?

Women always like men who smell divine. Body odor can be a big put off and for men to score better points with the women they have to take care of the way they smell.

What are the main parts in the body that are to be taken care of?

The main parts that are to be taken care of in controlling the body odour are:


The first and the foremost region to be taken care of is the mouth . The mouth contains a lot of bacteria which can cause a stink or a foul smell. Especially when women get close to you to kiss, the bad breath from the mouth can make them run a million miles away from you.

For the mouth, gargle every day and floss. The next best thing would be to use a mouth freshener from time to time. This can kill the plaque and the bacteria present in the mouth and can also help you to smell better.


This is the next region to be taken care of, Due to the constant formation of sweat in this region there is a chance of the bacterial formation which results in a foul smell. In order to take care of this region, one has to use a good deo spray as soon as he takes his bath.

A deo spray can kill the bacterial formation and also help you to smell the best.


Groin is another region which has some bacterial formation. This region if not properly cleaned or maintained can cause a foul odor in the entire body. One has to clean these parts thoroughly with soap and water and use a good antibacterial powder for this region.


The feet can smell really bad, especially when they are enclosed for long hours in the shoes. One has to wash one’s feet thoroughly every time one removes the shoes. Antibacterial powder can be used on the feet before wearing the shoes for preventing the bacterial formation.

Smelling good is not about using the best perfumes and fragrances. It is more about taking good care and maintenance of the body.

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