Why do men cheat?

Is cheating a common symptoms of being man? Why do men have to cheat even when they are in madly love with their beloved?

Lets look into some of the reasons why men cheat:


The first and the foremost reason why men cheat is because of the excessive freedom they have. Men when have an opportunity to be unfaithful can make the most out of it. When a man gets the opportunity to cheat and not let his wife or his girlfriend know anything about it, he will definitely make the most out of it.


The next reason why men cheat is due to the weakness of the fairer sex. Even if a man is truly committed to his wife or beloved he cannot resist temptation of a beautiful woman. Beautiful woman often make men weak in their knees.

They think it is cool:

Yeah, men have this part of life where they think it is cool to have affairs with many women. It is a way of expressing their masculinity and power. The number of women a man attracts the better is his power or status.


Another important factor that can cause the men to be unfaithful is stress or pressure. Due to the family burden or the work pressures on them men tend to slip away from the family virtues and responsibilities. It is the most vulnerable time for a man to get into an extra marital affair or get into flings with women.

Carnal pleasures:

another reason why men cheat is undoubtedly for sex. Irrespective of the feelings they have for each other men can get into extra marital affairs just for sake of the physical pleasure. They may not be interested in having a relation but just for the sake of sex they can slip away from the family virtues.

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