Take time to be a dad

People these days say – take time be a dad. Detroit, is specially designed for fathers. This is to remind fathers about the role played by them in their child’s life. Detroit is to encourage the responsibilities of fathers and fatherhood.

Get involved with your child

There are some ways to get involved with your child.

Leave a note

– When its not possible for you to stay at home then it is suggested to leave a note for them saying the reason and leave a convincing message for them. Let them feel your love and affection. It might help to bond the relationship much stronger than even before.

Be affectionate

– Sometimes people feel awkward in hugging their children. Giving a hug and a kiss to your child shows your love and affection towards them. So never hesitate to show the feelings you have for them.

Being a good father all time shows a good and a positive impact on child and his daily activities as well. And we also know that it is not easier always.

According to National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse(NRFC) estimated the number of people living without biological fathers as 25million children. Those children who have experienced the father’s presence are of high IQ levels, and have self esteem, they are said to exhibit pro social behavior.

Recent studies says that children who have experienced father absence are sometimes victims of abuse. These children are always engaged in criminal behavior. Children sometimes are likely to get addicted to drugs, face emotional and behavioral problems. These children don’t exhibit empathy and remain as slow performers at school and other aspects as well.

President Obama says in the opening TV spot “Things can get busy, and sometimes we all fall short”,but sometimes even the smallest moments can have impact on child’s life. Take time to be a dad today.

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