What are the Mistakes to be Avoided in a Relationship?

Why do all relationships turn out to be the opposite of what you expect? Are there any common mistakes that people keep repeating in a relationship? Let’s find out some of the common errors in a relationship.

The first and the foremost mistake every person makes in a relationship is about the over expectations they have on each other.

Relax your expectations:

Relax the expectations you have on each other. The basic aspect of it all is that you are only human and no human is perfect. One cannot be perfect and error free all the time. Humans are bound to make mistakes, especially in the time when you are least expecting it.

Let go of the expectations you have on one another. It not only decreases the tension in a relationship but also gives a sense of freedom.

Stop criticism:

One of the major reasons that causes breaks in a relationship is the constant criticism about each other. Irrespective of the men or the women, criticism can cause a turmoil in the smooth functioning of a relationship.

The words of criticism always cause a negative vibe in a relationship. If you have any complaints about each other, just accept them and forgive. By criticising each other things can only get complicated.

Possessiveness or interference in the Personal Space:

Although possessiveness can feel good for a while, constant interference in the life of another person can jeopardise a relationship. There are lots of people who would like to be left alone at least for a while. Constant interference in their personal space can cause irritation in a person.


Another aspect of a relationship which causes turmoil is suspicion. A constant suspicion about each other can put the breaks on a relationship. The aspect of suspecting your partner must not become a habit. Some people make it a habit which becomes hard to lose. Avoid suspicion and replace it with faith for a better bonding.

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