Health Benefits of Flirting

Are you a flirt? Keep your thought just there for there are many health benefits of flirting. The conversations men try to have to hold the attention of the women have many health benefits.

What is so good about flirting?

Flirting if kept only to the aspect of verbal communication can be a creative art. The aspect of starting a conversation with an unknown girl is a battle of wits. It requires a lot of presence of mind and also a flow of emotions.

There is always an excitement factor in talking to strangers or with people whom you have no idea about. It is an act of courage which can give you a high. Some people are born flirts. Flirting comes easily to them. Whereas for some other people it has to be learnt.

Anyhow, flirting if limited to a verbal conversation can be bent in any way as long as a person is able to hold the attention of a woman.

Let us look at Some of the Health Benefits of Flirting.

  • Flirting can give an emotional high:

  • The excitement of starting a conversation with a stranger can fill a person with an emotional high. There is an exchange of energies between the two persons making the person feel a sense of relief and also lightness of heart.

  • Wit:

  • In order to strike a conversation with a stranger there is a constant battle of wits. A person has to be very good with words in order to hold the attention of a new person. And this wit has to be spontaneous.

    Flirting can improve the overall creative aspect of the brain.

  • Courage:

  • It is not easy to go to a stranger and talk to her. It definitely needs some amount of courage. In order to get the attention of the girl a person has to be really brave and up front.

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