How to avoid getting into Fights with your Girlfriend?

You like everything about your girlfriend expect for the constant fights she has with you. You think how in the world can you avoid getting into an argument with your girlfriend? but feel helpless. Being in a relation with a women can be a pleasant experience expect for the constant nagging and the fights you have to go through everyday.

Often men spoil the mood for the entire day by getting into unnecessary fights with their girlfriends and wife. In order to avoid getting into unnecessary arguments with your wife or girlfriend men have to step forward and deal the issue very sensitively.

Here are some points outlined which help to avoid getting into fights with your girlfriend:

The darling is right:

Once there was a man happily married for 30 years though he had a nagging wife he never complained of it. When people around him asked the secret of getting along with his wife he replied only one phrase that always saves him from getting into fights.

Oh my darling you are right!

He uses this phrase when things are about to get heated up. And this phrase gives a smile on his beloved. Just try this and see the difference yourself.

The next important step for a man to follow to avoid a fight would be to sing a song.

Sing a song:

Most of the couples always have these favourites songs of each other. Just when things are getting heated up start singing her favourite song and see all the anger on her face melting away into smiles. Girls always love it when their man sings for them and when it is her favourite song she is bound to get touched.

Fights always act as the mood spoilers in a relation. The time spent for fighting can used for having better moments in everyday life.

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    You Saved my relationship! Thank you!

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