Do Women Like being Dominated?

Is it true that women like to be dominated by their men? As far as many women say, it holds true. Women want to feel a sense of power in their man. That sense can only be felt when the man is capable of dominating them.

Women often surrender to powerful and strong men who can dominate them. But why is it that they like being dominated?

Women are feminine and the opposite of that is of course being masculine. And, as it is said, opposites attract. The sheer power and strength of masculinity often attracts the sensitive aspect of femininity.

It gives a balance
Women will almost always give themselves up to the arms of a strong man.

What is the aspect of domination in a relation?
Being dominating doesn’t mean showing your power over a woman. Domination is said in terms of being able to take the lead. Sometimes women want their men to take the lead in the relationship. They do not really prefer men who are laid back and too lazy to get on with things. Domination can be seen through being responsible and active.

What are the signs that showcase domination?

Taking care of the finances:
The first most important thing for a man to take care of is the finances of the family. A man is supposed to be the bread winner in a family and by taking care of the finances he can show a sense of responsibility and domination.

Taking care of fitness:
Fitness and general outward appearance are things which can show what kind of person you are. If you maintain good fitness levels it shows that you are a man with a better personality and traits than a man who is too lazy, laid back and inactive.

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  1. Trying to generalize is never a good idea. I’ve known women who don’t and do. It’s a matter of preference and there’s no one ‘right’ answer; Try asking instead of assuming.

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